Water Buffalo Horn Jewelry
Buffalo horn jewelry has undergone several changes compared to the old days. One thing that remains a trend and makes an accessory can be high selling value in the eyes of the general public and especially consumers and timeless if the accessory is handmade.

In Victorian times, Queen Victoria used handmade necklaces and jewelry instead of factory-made jewelry. Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria had a rather sentimental view of the fashion and tastes of the daily appearance of his beloved wife in everything, especially anything in the closet of her beloved wife, Queen Victoria.

For example, for a small visit to Ireland, she chose a beautiful dress made of Irish green flowers. She wore a pink poplin gown decorated with gold to a dance party there. On the way to Balmoral in Scotland, she uses clothes with tartan motifs that are characteristic of the Scottish region.

Water Buffalo Horn Jewelry and Prince Albert’s Love to Queen Victoria

Both Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, they share their love of fancy clothes and often hold costume parties and home theaters, especially after their children were born. During the Victorian reign, two immortal teenage modes were created in the form of sailor suits and skirts which are still used as the world’s fashion standard.

Queen Victoria has a tendency to wrap her body with a scarf and cover her dress with lace, ribbons, and various layers of folds. Prince Albert was very fond of floral decorations and Queen Victoria would choose many ornate flowers and grasses, and sometimes use real flowers and leaves in her dress along with other decorations.

Fashion in the 1850s was more fashionable with a tiered skirt and horizontal design that made the tiny woman look elegant like a queen.

For a visit to France, Queen Victoria appeared with a white dress with a green coat on it, and a large silk hat trimmed with ribbons and marabou fur. She completed the look by carrying a green umbrella and a woman’s bag embroidered in gold made by one of her daughters.

Queen Victoria often ignored the scale of her accessories to fit her tiny size. She likes jewelry and usually wears it with a stacked model, even though the pieces are quite large.

The Queen also always wore many rings, brooches, and bracelets. Queen Victoria’s jewel collection is and is one of the best ever collected in the history of the fashion world.

Buffalo Horn Jewelry and Victorian Style Comparison

Prince Albert’s sudden death in 1861 destroyed the heart of Queen and made her prefer to use black mourning. Victoria stopped, even trying to follow the change of style and adopt a kind of widow uniform that was her trademark. It consists of a black dress with a corset that fastens forward. The square neck will be decorated with a white camisole and wide elbow length sleeves.

Queen Victoria saved a lot of her own clothes from “happy days” as well as the time she was with Prince Albert and her mother. A number of these collections are now at the London Museum including famous wedding dresses, pink and silver dresses worn by the Queen for the opening of the Crystal Palace. In addition, there is also a white moire dress embroidered with flowers she wore in Paris in 1855.

Accessories with classic models that are handmade have turned out to be a pride for Victorian women and even today.

Evidently, the love of women towards handmade accessories include water buffalo horn jewelry has become the main choice to date.