Easy Homemade Real Food

Easy Homemade Real Food

What is it called real food? Why is easy homemade real food diet recipes increasingly popular? Previously we had to know the meaning of real food or real food. Real food is food that is not made artificially, grows in soil and has parents. Think of real food like normal food, the food our ancestors ate before humanity had learned how to create artificial preservatives, colorings, and make processed foods, with the sole purpose of making a lot of money.

Indigenous food is something our ancestors recognized. Today many young grandparents grew up with processed foods. In the definition of real food, there are no bad foods like kale, beans, bread, yogurt, those are all examples of real food.

The Benefit of Easy Homemade Real Food

What is Wrong  With Ultra Processed Foods?

Let’s start at the beginning and see what food is. Food is anything that nourishes, sustains, or supplies, used in the body of an organism to maintain growth, repair, and vital processes and to provide energy. In the book Food Rules, Michael Pollan offers us some facts to consider when thinking about the food we put into our bodies. The first fact concerns the Western diet. The Western Diet, also referred to as the Standard American Diet (SAD), typically consists of lots of processed foods, processed meats, lots of added sugars (in very large amounts) and added fats (which are far from their natural state), along with grains. processed (white flour, etc.).

He writes that societies that have adopted such a way of eating invariably suffer from high levels of all sorts of illnesses from so-called Western diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Almost all obesity and type 2 diabetes, 80 percent of cardiovascular disease, and more than a third of cancer can be attributed to this diet. Pollan also wrote: Populations that consume a wide variety of traditional diets generally do not suffer from these chronic diseases. Traditional foods range from being very high in fat to those that are high in carbohydrates (Central Indians have a diet consisting mostly of corn and beans) to those that are high in protein (the Masai in Africa live on cow blood, meat, and milk.).

Pollan points out that this is an extreme example. But this has its uses. The new Western diet, one that consists mostly of highly processed foods, is making us sick. Real food makes us feel good. This is not to say that we won’t get sick when consuming real food. We do not live in a perfect world and illnesses can occur. But real food supports the health of the body. Real food contains important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals as well as natural fats that are needed to support the body’s functions in a healthy way. Processed foods do not offer this. This leaves the body malnourished, and lacking the basic nutrients it needs to thrive. Some people argue that we live longer today than in traditional cultures, but as Pollan does in his book, that this is due to increasing infant mortality rates, as well as increasing advances in modern hygiene.

The meaning of real food and Easy Homemade Real Food recipes

What Is Real Food?

1. Real food is traditional.

Authentic food is about foods that have survived tradition. In the past, people did not rely on profit-oriented companies to tell them what to eat or how much to eat. As Pollan says: Don’t eat anything that our ancestors wouldn’t recognize as food. Looking at traditional societies, we know that historically, we were omnivores, eating both meat and plants.

2. Real food is intuitive.

Our ancestors ate when they were hungry, and stopped when they were full. Foods that are not full of additives, but instead are full of beneficial nutrients that our bodies recognize, allow us to eat intuitively. There is nothing added to real food such as trans fats (there are natural fats that are satisfying and nutritious), or sugars altered from their natural state by food scientists in laboratories to make us addicted to the taste of food. Real food also allows us to be in tune with how the body reacts to food. Eating real food teaches us to listen to our bodies rather than marketing.

The Positive Side of Real Food  

3. Real food is the ingredients.

Ingredients that are as close to their natural state as possible. Jamie Oliver says: Real food has no ingredients , real food is the material. Oats, almonds (almond flour), seeds, yogurt, cheese, meat are all ingredients that are used to make food or, sometimes, enjoyed on their own.

4. Real food is full of variety and tastes amazing and different.

Highly processed foods are engineered to always taste the same. For example: Big Macs are specially formulated to always taste exactly the same, with no variations. On the other hand, real food tastes different depending on the variety, season, and how it was grown or where it is grown. All beef doesn’t taste the same, and neither does milk (it actually changes with the seasons, as the diet of grazing cows changes), cheese changes based on how it was grown (a wonderful fermentation process that turns milk into beneficial bacteria), tomatoes and lettuce vary in taste.

5. Real food is seasonal.

Broccoli and peaches do not grow all year round, but there are certain seasons in which broccoli and peaches are grown. This applies to all real food. And this is a beautiful thing, because it means that we are meant to eat variety. Our bodies need a variety of nutrients, and seasonal changes in diet provide us with this variety in a very natural way.

6. Real food has faces and names.

Real food is grown by someone, raised by someone, cared for by someone. Food is not just a substance. Real food has a story. Real food is nutritional and should make you feel good. One of the dangers of processed foods is the lack of variety in the ingredients consumed. Most foods are packaged and you will find the same ingredients over and over like soybean oil, enriched flour, vegetable oil, sugar, and more. Where’s the nutrition? How can the body develop?

When we enjoy real food, which changes with the seasons, we get all the food we need, through a variety of foods that change throughout the year. From all the explanations above, it will certainly make us choose a healthier life and start collecting and practicing easy homemade real food diet in our daily lives.